Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You're Welcome!!

1. Kansas City Chiefs:  The Chiefs have started the season 3-0 behind their new coordinators and new weapons for Matt Cassel.  The team looks completely different, and even though one win was against the Niners, they could make the playoffs because the Broncos and Raiders don't look very good and the Chargers always start very slow.  For me though, they have to win their division, because the AFC South and East will probably snatch up both Wild Card spots.  That seems like asking a lot, but maybe Patriots West can keep it up.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers:  They have gone through 3 starting QBs and still keep winning ugly Steelers games.  The defense looks better and they could be deadly when Big Ben comes back.  He is far more valuable to that team then people think.  It was nice to see Charlie Batch do well, since I rooted for him back in grade school.  The Steelers will be battling the Ravens all year, so they need to keep winning ugly games until Ben gets his game back to mid season form.

3.  Michael Vick:  Being a big advocate for Vick getting a second chance (I still reserve the rights to make jokes whenever I want.  Pretty sure he reads this blog) its nice to see him do so well no being the starter for the Eagles.  He is running and passing better than he did with the Falcons so far, and he could play himself into a starting roll somewhere.  Bills, Cardinals, Jaguars, Browns, you better be taking notes.  He probably has more years left due to his not taking a beating for three years.  Or could he stay in Philly?  Only time and more amazing performances will tell.


  1. wouldn't that be beautiful irony if vick ends up playing for a team whose hardcore fan section is affectionately known as the Dogpound?

  2. Oh yes, it would be a great story on ESPN when he makes THE DECISION on primetime TV to help raise money for dogs or something.