Sunday, September 26, 2010

NCAA Week 4- The Advantage

The Boise State University Broncos (BSU) have one of the most unique advantages in college football, let alone all of sports. The Broncos blue turf is the only venue in Division 1 college football that doesn't have grass or green turf. "We were watching the game on television and it was hard to see," said Joe Kramer. "An Oregon State player would be running with the ball and then he'd go down. We couldn't really see the BSU players due to their full blue uniforms."

Football teams, both college and pro, pump loud noise into their practice facility when traveling to noisy opponent stadiums. Not only did the Oregon State Beavers do this but they did something also very unique; they painted their practice field blue. The Beavers used 70 gallons of white line paint and 280 gallons of watered down blue paint, privately donated, as they proceed to get their eyes and mind used to the unfamiliar territory.

The (24) Beavers kept the game close but got shut out in the fourth quarter as the (3) Broncos extended their home record to 55-2 since 1999 winning 37-24.

I was pretty pumped up to see College Game Day in Boise, Idaho last night. I jumped onto the Boise State bandwagon when the Broncos "upset" the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. To the day, I can still picture that last drive, Adrian Peterson's touchdown, Boise State's halfback pass touchdown and the Statue of Liberty two point conversion. When I watch the highlights on youtube, I still get goosebumps.

I also like watching the Broncos because in my mind they are still a "Cinderella team." Until they get the opportunity to play for the National Championship, they'll still have a lot to prove in the nations' eyes.

Around the rest of the college football scene, I was impressed and disappointed. I was impressed with (University of California, Los Angeles) UCLA's performance as they knocked off Texas. The Longhorns are always ranked high and performing well but I was glad to see the Bruins knock them off. UCLA didn't get a fluke win either, they earned the victory and gained respect in the Pac-10.

I am a bit disappointed with the NCAA due to scheduling. I like to watch competitive football games. I understand teams need victories and one loss could end a school's run at a National Championship but I hate watching and hearing about blow out games when you knew the other team didn't have a change. I bleed Michigan true and through but come on, I knew they were going to blow out Bowling Green. Bowling Green doesn't have nearly the talent that the Wolverines carry. Also, Ohio State putting up over 70 points on Eastern Michigan. Really?? Do you need to put an imprint into their helmets or something? I heard all this glamorous talk about Terrelle Pryor's day, but for real, he beat the Eastern Michigan Eagles!
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