Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You're Welcome!

This weekend saw some pretty excellent football action, with some gutsy calls and great performances from the guys who get paid to play and the NFL. 

1. Mark Dantonio and the MSU Spartans:  Dantonio made the gutsiest call of his career, and it paid off.  If you haven't seen "Little Giants" yet there you go.  State should have lost, and played much worse than I thought they would versus an average ND team.  But they did have an ultra dramatic win in OT at home (much like against Michigan last season) and they are ranked with an FCS opponent coming to town.  Dantonio will probably miss the Northern Colorado with his heart attack, but should recover and provide a big boost down the stretch.  He will make a full recovery, luckily, and be making more big calls on the sidelines soon.

2. Jahvid Best:  We saw the coming out party for Jahvid Best yesterday, with his 200+ yard effort and 3 TDs, to go with his 2 TDs in Week 1.  Hes explosive, dangerously fast and has great vision.  The only thing I am worried about is him getting hurt, but like I think of Stafford now, I believe his injuries in college were all of the freak variety.  Only time will tell, and the Lions have their most explosive and exciting player since Barry Sanders.

3. Cincinnati Reds: I have finally accepted that the Reds will make the playoffs.  I know they locked it up months ago, but still, its the Reds.  All that young talent they assembled finally came together, and Votto is having an MVP year.  It is a great year for baseball, as small market low budget teams will win the NL West, East and Central and Wild Card, the AL West, AL Wild Card, and AL Central.  Small teams are starting to assert themselves, as the Cubs, Red Sox and the Tigers have all faltered this year. 

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