Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Midweek Michigan Update

- Last week, Michigan won their game to remain undefeated. Unfortunately, they only won 42-37 against FCS Massachusetts. Several things jumped out at me during this game:

1.) The woes that have plagued the defensive secondary are now starting to infect the linebackers and linemen. There were several missed tackles, and UMass drove down the field numerous times as a result. The run defense was very poor, and if Michigan wants to continue winning, they must have at least one phase of the defense playing better.

2.) It seems as though all the Big 10 teams are struggling with special teams, and Michigan would be considered one of those teams. Brendan Gibbons and Seth Broekhuizen, the kickers, are a combined one for five this season, which is really quite bad. This game, however, also showed that Michigan is lacking in punting, kicking off, and is not very dynamic in punt and kick returns. All I want as a Michigan fan is to have a kicker who can make some field goals on a regular basis, and another Steve Breaston.

3.) If Michigan wants to keep up the winning streak, the offense is going to be the key. I would have been even more upset with this game if Michigan had only won 14-10 or something like that, but if their defense is going to be bad, at least they have an offense that can put up points. I know it was against UMass, but Denard Robinson still looked really good connecting on some deeper passes while reducing his running attempts slightly.

4.) Michigan really needs to work at scheduling FCS schools that are not good at football. Instead of top 25 teams, try Dartmouth, Cornell, or Howard.

- Here are several links to stuff related to Michigan football:

1.) Awesome Video that makes fun of the trailer for the M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Happening, that implies that Denard Robinson is the Happening. Also includes some pretty awesome shots of Notre Dame's head coach Brian Kelly.

2.) The University of Michigan tells several companies and businesses that they have to stop printing T-shirts and other apparel with Michigan football players' names or likenesses on them. Most of these have been for Denard Robinson, but there are some other players that this concerns as well, one of which was Tate Forcier - no complaints with that.

3.) Brian Cook for Mgoblog provides a very in depth review of the defense against UMass. Included is a breakdown of plays, formations, and several videos and photos.

4.) Rich Rodriguez will look everywhere for a kicker. Even random students have a chance.

5.) A pie chart of Michigan's offense according to Spencer Hall of Everyday Should be Saturday.

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