Monday, September 6, 2010

ESPN Is A Joke

Did any of you watch the Virginia Tech vs Boise State game tonight on ESPN?  Well, you just watched the biggest joke in ESPN history.  Kirk and Brent openly rooted for Boise the whole game, ignoring important facts to try and skew the viewers opinions on Boise State.  And why did they do this?  Because they want to cover this, and the controversy, all season long. 

They didn't even try to mask it.  Brent said about 1,000,000 times Boise is a well coached team.  Wow, they are so well coached they had over 100 yards in penalties and only got to such a big lead because Va Tech handed them 17 points.  And then, they are so well coached, they give up that lead, only to get it back because Beamer pulled a Beamer and played not to lose. 

When BSU was driving to win the game late, Kirk about anointed Kellen Moore the next coming of Joe Montana as he led the drive down the field.  Then when BSU had another stupid call go their way (with a Big Ten crew, could have been Sun Belt for all I care) ESPN said how great a call that was.  He was still running in bounds!  That will get you tackled!  Then they said how well coached BSU is. 

Right now I hope you feel how upset I am. 

ESPN brought up how the BCS should take note about Boise State was playing so well.  They should also take note how well they take care of a minor league schedule.  Their conference schedule is an incredible joke.  If Alabama or Penn State played that schedule, we would hear about how they played cupcakes until they get to the BCS title game.

Kellen Moore, whose voice is a cross between a character from "Swamp People" and Kermit the Frog, led an aw shucks win over a very young defense.  He should shred up a team who this time last year was thinking who they would ask to the Homecoming dance.  If he is considered for the Heisman, The Expendables should win Best Picture.

If BSU plays for a National Title, I will be physically ill.  Then I will laugh my butt off when Ohio State absolutely destroys them.

I wouldn't be so upset if BSU just won.  And ESPN used journalistic integrity and didn't take sides.  It was worse than if Keith Jackson called the USC spring game.  If Brett Favre played for BSU, ESPN would have a heart attack.  They obviously tried to woo us into thinking BSU is up with the elite teams in college football.  I get it, Butler did CBS a huge favor this April.  But don't shove it down our throats.  If you stop for a second and realize BSU is a joke that plays joke teams and goes 7-7 against BCS conference teams since 2004 (thats right Boise State, you are a .500 team in the Big East), you will realize they should never make a bowl higher than the Sugar, or Pizza Pizza!

Brent Musberger is absolutely terrible and shouldn't be allowed near the press box ever again.  His obviously Pro BSU agenda was nauseating.  And Kirk, you were no better.

Shame on you ESPN.  If you want to be biased, write a blog.  Shame on you. 

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