Sunday, September 5, 2010

You're Welcome! FOOTBALL!!!!

Yesterday college football kicked off and the world was a better place.  We saw some great upsets, big plays and an almost shocking win by the decimated UNC Tar Heels.  This is the beginning of the best time of the year in sports.  A special thanks to my fans, STWWC went over 10,000 views this week.  I really appreciate if you read this blog, be it once or every day.  Keep reading, because it is only going to get better. 

1.  Michigan Wolverines:  In front of the biggest crowd in college football history, the Wolverines dominated a team in contention for the Big East title this year.  Denard Robinson, off the momentum of my You're Welcome shout out, had almost 400 yards total offense and looked like a real RichRod Spread Option QB.  With a win over the rebuilding Irish next week, Michigan fans will return to their former annoying glory.

2. Jacksonville State and North Dakota State:  2 more FCS schools won yesterday, showing scheduling these cupcakes aren't always a good idea.  ND State held the new look Kansas Jayhawks to 3 points in Turner Gill's debut.  The team is missing a lot of talent from past success and the Jayhawks will occupy the bottom all year long in the Big 12.  Jacksonville State came back from a huge deficit in the last quarter to upset Ole Miss, a team who only been a disappointment when a Manning isn't under center.

3. The Nine Teams Who Passed On Matt Leinart: Leinart just got released by the Cardinals, losing the starting job at least twice to Kurt Warner (would have made it a trilogy if Warner came back this year) and now Derek Anderson.  The job was basically handed to him this year and he still lost it.  Arizona would rather have Derek Anderson, who had only one good year, and two rookies as backups.  If not for the signing of some free agent QBs, Arizona would be very very awful right now.  Jay Cutler was taken with the pick after Leinart by the way. 

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