Friday, October 22, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. Hatin' on the Super Heat:  Dwyane Wade (did anybody else notice his name is spelt wrong and nobody else notice but me until now?) is hurt, Mike Miller is hurt longer, and a preseason game got canceled because the court was slippery.  ESPN has their own page for the Heat this season (Heat Index, I won't link them, out of spite) and the Heat are more hated than the Cowboys, Lakers and Yankees put together.  Its going to be a fun season. 

2. Giants Defense:  Say what you will, or if it is wrong or not, due to some new rules, but the Giants kick some butt on defense.  They have knocked out QBs, rushed the passer like crazy and are playing very well right now, 7th in pass defense and 12th in rush defense.  Not bad for a unit rebuilding under a new coordinator.  The G-Men might be frauds, but the defense is looking nice.

3. Cliff Lee:  The ultimate playoff pitcher, he just keeps winning in October/November.  He mows down whatever team he is facing, no matter how many Hall of Famers he has to face.  With Halladay, Lincecum, Sabathia showing off this post season, Lee has impressed me the most, more than a no hitter against the Reds.  That is because he takes a team and elevates them whenever he pitches, putting a city who has never tasted success to the brink of beating the mighty Yankees. 

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