Thursday, October 14, 2010

You're Welcome!

1.  MSU Spartan Football Players Not Named Chris L Rucker:  MSU went into the big house and beat their biggest rivals again, and did so to make me actually believe they can beat most teams in the Big Ten (if the other team's name doesn't rhyme with  Smohio Smate).  But not Rucker, who played a great game but was dumb and drove drunk Sunday morning while on probation.  Spartan athletes having trouble with the law is nothing new, sadly, and Rucker must be kicked off the team now, and hopefully doesn't distract MSU going into a home match vs Illinois. 

2. Mike Modano:  Modano, who has been in the league since the Stanley Cup had one ring, scored a goal for the Wings right off the bat.  I am looking for Modano to play smart, tough old guy on the Red Wings hockey, and bring his wife Willa Ford to the Joe every once and a while.  But to see him score is pretty cool, despite him playing for so long with the Stars (not a rival, because the Wings consistently beat them).  The local boy is looking to end his career with another Cup.  Fun fact, his first NHL goal was against former WMU Bronco Glenn Healy.  So much Michigan, so little blog.

3.  People who don't like Bret Favre: Favre, who has struggled on the field this season (besides the second half this Monday) has elbow troubles and troubles with Roger Goodell.  Favre who was very naughty texting model/journalist(?!) Jenn Sterger (who looks like a younger Deanna Favre) could be in trouble and not be suspended by the hypocritical Goodell, who will kick out Roethlisberger for his actions for four games, but not even talk to Favre.  And I know it is between two adults, but it is bringing bad press to the league, which was part of the Goodell doctrine.  And if the Vikings lose this weekend,  the playoffs won't be in a problem for Favre either.  Favre should download the app on the iphone to prevent his sort of texting. 

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