Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Opinions On Sports Headlines

Erin Andrews- I am a big fan of Ms. Andrews, and I feel awful for her. She did nothing wrong and hopefully she can move on with her career and withstand attacks of immature college students. I hope the Oprah interview helps her deal with this and I wish for her nothing but the best.

Ricky Rubio- I do not like it when people bolt from crappy franchises. Eli Manning ditched the Chargers and they have turned it around. Now Rubio, who has All-World talent, goes back to Spain, not to return to the NBA till 2011. Taking Flynn with the pick before looks a little smarter now. The T-Wolves may need a few years to be contenders for anything again.

Michigan Football- Michigan fans, trust me, I am doing my best to be unbiased. This could be the end of RichRod, or the beginning for him in a way. When you are losing players on your own team (see Bobby Williams) you can quickly lose the team and your job. Michigan has spent so much on RichRod that it would not make sense to fire him two years in. He has been recruiting spread players and to deviate from that would only hurt Michigan in the years coming. The spread does not work in the Big Ten though (MSU under John L. Smith, Indiana, Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue) even Joe Paterno said the Spread HD has more in common with the Wing T than the spread. If Michigan has a slow start to the season more players could turn on him and this thing could turn ugly fast.

On the other hand, players could rally around their coach, knowing if he leaves, things will not turn around at their time in college. They could play hard and tough and be competitive this year. Although I think UofM will struggle to make a bowl this season, if they do make one it could help recruiting and maybe the spread can make it in the cold weather Big Ten. The game against WMU is big now, but not program defining. If the Wolverines beat the Broncos Saturday what does that prove? That the players have not committed full mutiny and the Wolverines have won a game they should have won. The game against Utah last year was deceiving. Utah outplayed the Wolverines the whole game by a long shot, and a few lucky breaks for the Wolverines made the score look closer than the game ever was. Time will tell where this situation will go, although I assure you, the punishment will not be that bad and almost any BCS conference team could recover from it.

Lions QB situation- Matt Stafford is the only healthy QB in Detroit right now. As cuts are beginning to take place, the Lions signed QB Brooks Bollinger to help take snaps and maybe play in the fourth preseason game. Culpepper is out after cutting his toe, and Stanton has swelling in his knee. Both are not thought to be serious, but this may settle the whole "will Stafford start" debate early. Last season, Troy Smith got terribly ill and opened the door for Joe Flacco, and we all saw how that turned out.

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