Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thoughts From My Desk September 9th Edition

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have been all over the state watching the best football every level of play has to offer. Following the NFL Preseason, Coloma Comets football and traveling to (the evil empire) Ann Arbor to watch my beloved Broncos get smashed by the "resurgent" Michigan Wolverines. On top of all of that, I moved back to college and started classes today so I have been lacking time to blog. Anyways, here we go.

WMU vs U of M:
My recap of the game could be very short or very long, depending on how you look at the way this went down. Wolverine faithful will of course say that the offense is finally in place and the defense looks swarming. I see it more as this. Michigan did play very well. Tate Forcier looked impressive making plays but lacked the mobility and elusiveness I expected to see from him. Denard Robinson can not throw at all, but looked like an unstoppable running threat at times, and he is only a Freshman.

On the WMU side of things, QB Tim Hiller was not his normal self, leading me to believe his knee may not be fully healed. Hiller and the Bronco receivers (all fairly young) did not click until the second half, when it was far too late. Brandon West was solid but did not make any big gains, but his returning skills were great as usual. I can not understand why WMU put Robert Arnheim back to return punts. He is not fast at all, and is only a marginal possession receiver. The only thing I can think of is Cubit wants him to get some reps and Arnheim won't ever fumble a ball, ever. Aaron Winchester is a far better option in my opinion. Highly touted TE Matt Stevens did not show up, and hopefully the Broncos can beat the less talented Indiana Hoosiers on the road.

Michigan State University vs Montana State University

This game should have been called "Over glorified scrimmage to settle the Quarterback dispute in East Lansing, featuring D-1AA whipping boy Montana State" Cousins and Nichol looked to be about even, but the opposition was not good enough to make a good judgment. This week against Central Michigan will be better for Dantonio to make a decision by the Notre Dame contest. Central Michigan lost out to Arizona 19-6, displaying a worse offense and defense than expected. The "top team in the MAC" looked almost as awful as the Broncos. CMU is a very talented team and will look to turn it around against a tougher opponent in the Spartans. Nichol will start the game for MSU, trying to establish himself as the permanent starter. Cousins may have started game 1, but that may have been because of his seniority. Look for MSU to dominate the Chips, and Nichol to distance himself from Cousins.

Other Games this weekend:

Oklahoma lost to a very good BYU team in Jerry Jones Stadium. Sam Bradford lost any chance to repeat as Heisman winner and probably win the National Title. BYU looked great and played hard and it was not all because Bradford was hurt. Now OK lost TE Jermaine Gresham for the year, meaning even winning the Big 12 will be very difficult. Things went from great to bad to dismal in a matter of a week.

Notre Dame demolished one of my Mid Major favorites Nevada this weekend 35-0. The 35 is not very impressive. The 0 is outstanding, as the Wolfpack have a prolific offense. Notre Dame gets to take on the Wolverines this weekend in Ann Arbor, and I fully expect the Irish to walk out with an impressive win.

Miami and Florida State played an instant classic Monday night with a back and forth offensive slug fest. Both QBs Jacory Harris and Christian Ponder were outstanding and FSU just barely lost on a goal line stand. It could be the best game this season, as any other game will be tough to match the fireworks of this Labor Day Classic.

In Other News:

Allen Iverson signed a deal worth between 3-5 million dollars for one year with Memphis. This move means Memphis is slightly more relevant and may win 5-10 more games this season, as AI is not as good as he once was. Iverson announced the deal on Twitter, making the website 1,000% more popular than the Grizzlies. Maybe they should have stayed in Vancouver.

Pro Football Season begins Thursday. Yes!

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