Saturday, September 12, 2009

Notre Dame Defeats Coloma In International Contest

In the third game of the season and the final in Coloma's non conference schedule Notre Dame Secondary defeated the Comets 41-14. Notre Dame made the 6 hour trip from Ontario to play Coloma and were treated to a win and dinner after the game. Coloma struggled to get started in the game, as Notre Dame ran the spread to perfection as QB Billy McPhee showed off quick feet and a rocket arm. The Irish pass rush was relentless, giving the Comets fits in the passing game. The rushing attack did not fair any better until the second half, when Coloma was down 21-0. There we penalties all night as the Canadian players adjusted to the American style of play. In the third quarter, things started going Coloma's way. A great punt by Colin Saltzman (who punted excellent all night) pinned the Irish deep. The Comets stuffed Notre Dame in the end zone for the safety, then after the free kick, Coloma drove down the field with their passing game finally in rhythm and punched the ball in for the score. The defense held the Irish with the next possession and that led to a blocked punt by Donovan Browning, setting up great field position for the Comet attack. Coloma carried momentum from the safety and scored again, making the score 34-14. Notre Dame added another touchdown to make the score 41-14 and that was it for the Comets. Coloma's offense lacked consistency and Notre Dame ad more players and were just too fast. Coloma's defense was strong besides giving up big plays, and the offense came into its own during the second half, despite missing physical target TJ Scott all game. The Comets open up Lakeland Conference play against Brandywine next Friday night at home.

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