Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well, I Cannot Stand Matt Millen Already

As you may already know, Matt Millen is employed again working for ABC as a studio analyst for college football and ESPN for Monday Night Countdown and Sunday night coverage. Why he was employed by anybody for any amount of money is beyond me. True, I did not give him a chance as a return analyst, but that is because I already gave him a chance as an NFL General Manager. Then a second chance. Then a third. But he kept proving me and everybody else wrong by being the worse GM in the history of sports. Of course, the Detroit Lions are stupid enough to keep him employed to distance himself from anyone else taking his record of futility.
Football Analyst are hired for a ton of reasons. Some are former players or coaches that were well liked or good enough to get a cushy job. Some are players with a huge personality that just attract viewers. Others are serious journalist who knows a great deal about the sport, and some people just have awesome voices. Cub’s Play by Play man Pat Hughes could read the phonebook and it would sound amazing. Matt Millen got hired because he was, at one point, believe it or not, a well respected football man. But just because you were good at something in the past does not guarantee anything. Lots of coaches are good with one team and then their careers go downhill and they do not get a second shot.
So what I am getting at is how terrible Matt Millen is at his job and he still gets money to talk about something he does not know anything about. How can anybody take him seriously? How can anybody respect his opinions? How can he sleep at night?
When analyzing football, you have to find things the normal fan will not notice and point them out in a way where it’s like he is sitting in the room with you talking about the game. The little things Millen is talking about obviously cannot be right most of the time. Most of his draft choices were super busts, and he did not find anybody worthwhile after the second round. Most of the players are not even in the league anymore. He was a good player. He won 4 Super Bowls and was a leader on the field. But you cannot convince me that ABC and ESPN had no one better to hire than him to cover games. Luckily, he will not call any Detroit Lions games this season.
We all remember the Fire Millen chants and the signs and the protests. It took an awful start by an awful team to finally get rid of him. Now TV Networks expect us to value his opinion and watch his broadcasts? I can guarantee you, if he is on a game I want to watch, I will mute it. Giving this man another chance to call games and make a living at something he does not know much about is stupid. The people who hired him are just as stupid to make that call. His style of pointing out the obvious, talking about nothing, and repeating himself is already enough to turn off the volume. He avoided the issue of him being awful in Detroit when he was employed, after he was fired and the time since then. A lot of people who call games are people I do not prefer to listen to, but when it comes to knowing his history and how he treats it, listening and hearing his opinions is something I cannot stand.

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