Monday, November 16, 2009

Belicheck Right On With Call, Other NFL News

I agree with Bill Belicheck. I am not going crazy, trust me. I never thought I would say this, or Tater Tot for Heisman or Brett Favre has integrity or Megan Fox is an average looking young lady. But sometimes you just got to support a guy when he makes a gutsy call. He knew if he gave Manning the ball anywhere on the field that he would lose. It didn't matter if it was the Colts 30 or the Pats 30. The only way he could guarantee that the Colts wouldn't get the ball back was converting a short 4th down conversion with his excellent offense. He almost made it if Kevin Faulk could make a catch he usually does. Then we would all be praising the call that Belicheck made. I don't think we should always judge a play call or anything like that on result. Go back to Michigan vs Michigan State in 2008 at Michigan Stadium. MSU had a chance to seal the win in Wolverine territory instead of playing it safe. But Dantonio was going for the jugular and trying to beat a team that had won countless times in a row against MSU, mostly in dramatic fashion. He smelled blood and went for the win. Lets say Javon Ringer got stuffed on that 4th down. I would have still loved the call because of all it stood for and all the confidence behind it. I know the talk show circuit will blow up with this all day but he made the right decision.

Other NFL thoughts:

I hate picking football games involving the Jets or Panthers. Jacksonville is playing decent and flying under the radar. They need a big win to get some attention. Sims-Walker is the best WR they have. If you saw Denver losing to the Redskins without Clinton Portis yesterday, go play the lotto. The Lions played well and especially Stafford considering he was banged up and his knee doesn't look right. He has better mobility than I thought and seemed to learn from his mistakes after throwing 5 picks. Pettigrew needs to put it together and not lead the league in drops. I thought he went to Oklahoma State, not Michigan State. Go Ravens tonight to cap off a 12-3 week picking games, including another upset special (5-5, 5-1 in the last 6) with the Packers beating the red hot Cowboys.


  1. I disagree think it was a bad call regardless. Manning threw for two interceptions that game not to mention a surprizing amount of ducks. Also they had stopped them before especially in the first half.

  2. New England gave up two late TDs to set up the comeback opportunity and the Colts had plenty of time and timeouts to do what they wanted. You have one of the best offenses in the league. You should be able to pick up two yards whenever you absolutely need to. Another point is that all the NE defense had to was stop the Colts from scoring a TD. It was a tough call but the righ one as it would have guarenteed a win.