Friday, November 20, 2009

You're Welcome: The Saga Continues

Sorry for the delay in this week's You're Welcome. College and waiting on a new laptop set me back a few days. Also, I hope you are following my Twitter page to get links to my blog and other updates, such as picking Thursday Night Football games (I took the Panthers last night, oops). Anyway, here is my new blog.

1. Brett Swenson: You're team needed you more than ever in a game that would lock up a bowl bid. I have little confidence in the Spartans winning at home against Penn State. So in a playoff game against giant killer Purdue you hit 4 out of 4 field goals including two 50+ yarders. Swenson is the best kicker in the nation and would love him on my pro team. He has shown how clutch he is and how strong his leg is. The Spartans would have lost more than a few games without him in his four years in Green and White.

2. Stanford Cardinals: Stanford is legit. They have a very realistic shot at winning the Pac-10, the first team to win it other than USC since 1947. I love how Harbaugh ran up the score against the Trojans and kicked a team when they are very down. The magic is over for USC. Sure, they'll be back but a Frosh starting QB and losing 8 defensive players to the NFL would decimate any college team. The Cards have a very talented freshman QB in Andrew Luck and if Harbaugh sticks around (I'm sure he will) they could be a very solid program.

3. Indianapolis Colts: You beat your rival (AGAIN) and stole a game from Captain Cut Off when he made a call many have discussed all week. It was a good call but even a better effort by the Colts. Manning had a pretty normal game until the fourth quarter when he went Tom Brady on the Pats. Manning is the best QB in the league right now. If you need a comeback win, a blowout, a perfect pass, a fantasy QB, hes your guy. Now, your in the driver seat and can win home field and make everybody come through Indy. Not bad for a rookie HC and the loss of so much, like a Hall of Fame wide receiver.

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