Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You're Welcome! Part Deux

In part two of my ongoing series, I take a look at the top performers from last weekend. Enjoy!

1. Brett Favre: Good job, you dismantled your former team with 4 TD passes in front of a silently upset Ted Thompson. Yeah, Aaron Rodgers had a good game besides holding on to the ball forever but the teacher is still the master. But you know what Brett, you are a liar. You did care about getting revenge, you did want to show up your former team, you did want to prove people wrong, you did want to do everything you said didn't matter. Its good TV though. Hopefully these two teams meet in the playoffs, think of the spectacle that will be.

2. Oregon Ducks Football: You have way too many ugly uniform combinations, lose bad games and haven't done much in the Pac-10 in a decade. But man can you score some points. Putting up 47 on USC is big at home on the road or anywhere. Now, with a legitimate shot to win your conference and stop USC's reign of terror, Oregon is showing they are not the same team that lost to Boise State so early in the season. The offense is just too good and too well run to stop and the Ducks shredded the rebuilding Trojans. I expected the Trojans to win the Pac-10 because they usually replace on All-American with another quickly. This will be the year that they don't have a case to play in National Title game. Because I know how much I love to hear them complain every year.

3. Stephen Jackson: This one hurts a little more but Mr. Jackson deserves this. Although this statement doesn't mean much, he was the best player on the field Sunday on the road. He racked up 149 yards and the game winning TD (surprisingly his first of the year) and willed his team to win and snap a terrible streak and preventing another one. I know the Lions are awful (much worse than I thought) and without Calvin Johnson but you had two weeks to prepare for the awful Rams and lost out on a must/should win. Now the season looks a little more bleak for the Lions, and the Rams still suck.

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