Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Michigan, Your Football Teams Suck

This guy forgot how generous the Lions are.

The entire state of Michigan went 0-6 this weekend in football. Luckily high school football was going on for a few people so they could watch a winning team from the state play. Here is my take on the college and pro football games this weekend.

Western Michigan: What happened? Kent State is a team I circled at the beginning that we should beat. Instead, we get beat much worse than our 26-14 score showed. Hiller threw 2 TD passes to move up a few more record boards, but besides that not much good came from this game. Now, (assuming a 6-6 record won't get WMU into a bowl) the Broncos have to beat Michigan State and Eastern Michigan on the road and Ball State on a Tuesday night ESPN game. It isn't looking good for the Broncos to make a bowl game for two straight years. The fall from winning has to be explained by the defense losing so much talent and the offense losing some weapons. The team is young, but another year of experience won't matter much with Tim Hiller graduating. This could be a tough stretch until Cubit can groom another QB (no it's not Drew Burdi).

Central Michigan: When given a chance to win a big game against a bigger ACC program you have to take advantage of it. CMU can't pass up opportunities to separate itself from other mid major programs and become the Boise State of the Midwest. Yeah, you beat MSU. Nice start, but you have done it before. Sure, you'll win the MAC and go to the Pizza Pizza! Bowl, but this season could have been so much more.

Michigan State: Wow, what a game. The refs "screwed" us by calling 17 penalties on the Golden Gophers. You know what? I'm getting sick of a lot of the decisions. Taking Cousins out after he made a high light reel TD? WHY? It doesn't make sense. Put in Nichol for a trick play or option package or to give the offense a jump, not just to play him and give him snaps. You know what? Kirk Cousins is the starter. Hes a rSO but he has played very well and is getting better every game. He did get hurt earlier and Nichol couldn't separate himself against Illinois. Another problem is the run into a pile and not score near the goal line. That seems to be a popular play in the Spartan playbook. I know Baker and Caper are young guys, and Winston was the power back, but we need to see something different. I hate seeing 3 runs and a 18 yard field goal. This has been such a frustrating year for the Spartans. Hopefully they make a bowl. Hopefully.

Michigan: What happened? Did they stop playing MAC schools? Did people get some tape on Tate to see what he is like? Does he ignore coaches because he is going to win 4 Heisman's? Are people figuring out the awful defense? The team isn't much better than last year, especially the defense. The defense is going to get worse with the top 4 players leaving and RichRod recruiting smaller faster players. I doubt a 3-4 base defense can work in the Big Ten. We will have to see if Michigan makes a bowl, with games against Purdue, Wisconsin and Ohio State, nothing is guaranteed. 6-6 in the Big Ten isn't a lock this season with Michigan's conference record.

Detroit Lions: That was a joke of a game. Two of the worst teams in the NFL (Tampa Bay is the worse, Cleveland is probably worse than both, probably, I hope) squared off in a game that Fox was generous enough to blackout in my local market so I caught it on the radio. Yeah it was awesome to see (or hear) a safety but the game was mind numbingly boring and the Lions showed how much Calvin Johnson means to the team. Stafford missed open wideout and the receivers dropped passes. No, I didn't copy and paste that from my past work. The defense played better besides the Stephen Jackson but still, its the Rams. Nobody showed up to the game, and my patience is getting very tested. Every time we lose, or Raiola flips off a fan (he was awfully mean to me when I got his autograph when I was 12) or we don't improve, I die a little inside. Now one game the rest of the way we have 1 winnable game. Not what I wanted or expected, and all I wanted was 4-12.

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