Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And Detroit's Heart Breaks

The Tigers lost tonight in a marathon 6-5 loss in 12 innings. The Tigers had a 7 game lead in September only to blow the lead and lose in the one game playoff. The Tigers did not look like they had any urgency and they had every opportunity to win (and then some). This is heart breaking. Ernie Harwell just said goodbye to Tigers fans, the city is in a terrible economic downfall and the city needs something. Look how much MSU's tournament run lifted the spirits of the state. Now the Tigers fall just short of playing in the playoffs.

We should give all the credit in the world to Minnesota. They do more with less every single year. They play in the Humpty Dump (not much longer) and lost Justin Morneau and most of their hope in September. Then they just started scrapping and winning and cutting into Detroit's lead. This sounds cliche, but they wanted it more.

Detroit has nobody to blame but themselves. I do not think Dombrowski should be fired. He has built a solid team (although he has some big busts, and has overpaid greatly on many players) and this collapse is not on him. Jim Leyland should be up for manager of the year. He had to go through a lot even to get here. The Tigers needs to evaluate their direction and cut waste this offseason. They need to look into the Miguel Cabrera drinking/domestic abuse incident(s) and determine where to go. This will be a tough loss, but the Tigers (and Detroit) will make a comeback. I promise.

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  1. The Tigers lose the division after holding it for 5 months and Leyland is to be manager of the year?