Monday, October 12, 2009

College Football Recap

Michigan State vs Illinois: On Illinois' Homecoming MSU ruined the celebration. With the 24-14 win, MSU got their season back on track and beat a clearly inferior opponent on the road. Sadly, comeback kid Glenn Winston was lost for the season with an ACL tear. It is too late for him to get a medical redshirt, but could redshirt if he does not return from knee surgery well next year. He was the power runner for MSU and the best kick returner so their will be a hole to fill. Larry "The Real Deal" Caper will get most of the snaps with former starter Caulton Ray backing him up, with Ashton Leggett trying to live up to the Baby Caulcrick title. Edwin Baker will most likely redshirt this season. Kirk Cousins missed the game with Keith Nichol taking all the snaps. He injured his non throwing elbow but is day to day and should play against Northwestern. Cousins should be able to play against Northwestern. MSU does not want to pull Andrew Maxwell's redshirt as well. Four Star recruit Joe Boisture has committed to the Spartans so their should be amazing QB depth for MSU the next 6 years or so. Eddie McGee is not as good as Juice Williams. Now we know that for sure.

Michigan vs Iowa: Iowa played worse and U of M played better than expected. For some reason, Tate Forcier was benched on the last two drives while Denard Robinson took over. When given time to run, Robinson can be good. But mark this down U OF M WILL NEVER WIN WITH ROBINSON GETTING MOST OF THE PLAYING TIME!. Robinson can not throw. Unless he does a total 180, he won't ever be a good QB. I can't understand why RichRod would work him out at RB and then throw him out there with the game (and possible Rose Bowl) on the line. U of M did play better, but bottom line, aren't there yet. Their defense is awful and they have some problems on offense with passing. Iowa is a real deal Big Ten contender now.

Florida beat LSU: The Tiger's offense is awful. Tim Tebow played decent returning from a scary concussion. Florida is in the driver seat to win the National title.

Jevan Snead is showing his true colors. He isn't playing well at all this season against any type of talent. He has dropped from first rounder to mid rounder this season. He will almost assuredly return his senior season since he is probably behind Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Jake Locker Jimmy Clausen (who looks to come out early) Dan LeFevour and possibly Tim Tebow. Tim Hiller's draft stock has also taken a hit, until he exploded Saturday with a blowout with against Toledo.

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