Thursday, October 1, 2009

NFL Picks Week 4

I am 35-13 so far this season but have missed all three of my upset specials. Hopefully that will change this week. I did predict the Lions would win against the Redskins but did not label it as my upset special so I'll honor my labeling by not counting that. Pretty gutsy still. Here is my picks for the weekend:

Bears over Lions
Bengals over Browns
Colts over Seahawks
Giants over Chiefs
Ravens over Patriots
Redskins over Buccaneers
Titans over Jaguars
Texans over Raiders
Bills over Dolphins
Saints over Jets
Cowboys over Broncos
49ers over Rams

Sunday Night Football: Steelers over Chargers
Monday Night Football: *Upset Special* Packers over Vikings


  1. Pats are going to win
    Jets are going to win
    and Broncos are taking down the Cowboys

  2. I like the Ravens a lot right now. The Patriots just aren't quite right. The Jets won't go into the Superdome and come away with a win. There defense is good but the Saints offense is all time good. And now they have a running game with Pierre Thomas back. And the Cowboys can beat the Broncos. The can expose the Bronco defense and harass Kyle Orton all day.