Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Beginning Of The Rest Of Your Life: STWWC Signature's Blog Premiers

A lot of very good blogs I read have signature blogs to best display the writer's talents. Whether its a preview or review or opinion pieces I feel it is time for me to unveil my signature blog series. I hope these are a big picture of what you think of when you read Season Tickets.


Every week (around Wednesday) I will post a blog congratulating the top 3 in the past week of sports. This could be an individual player, unit on a team, coach or the team as a whole. They will have to come up big and impress me enough to make this list.

1. Penn State Nittany Lions: If you don't know what Nittany means, well you part of many people who haven't discovered Wikipedia. Not only did you snap a streak against the Wolverines, you thoroughly destroy the Maize n Blue and brought about more questions about the direction of the program. You made Tate "Tater Tot" Forcier look more like the freshman he is, not the savior everyone wants. Darryl Clark showed us how talented he really is, and how much success he has against any team that doesn't rhyme with Smiowa. Penn State still has a very good shot at winning the Big Ten. Michigan still has a very good shot at the Pizza Pizza! Bowl.

2. Alex Rodriguez: This guy has taken a lot of abuse and keeps coming back for more. He used steroids when he was "young" (I am younger than he was, and I know steroids are wrong, it doesn't take Peter Gammons throwing me softballs to explain that) and says hes clean. He cheated on his wife for Kate Hudson. He resigned with the Yankees instead of going to a less rabid market. New York has hated him up until recently when he has put together the best postseason stretch of his career, and will hate him again the next time he screws up or grounds out. But for this brief moment, he has carried a team with a lack of postseason success into the World Series against the defending champs.

3. Arizona Cardinals: Yeah, the Arizona F$%@#ng Cardinals! They went across the country and beat the most complete team in the NFL after the Giants were licking their wounds from that thrashing New Orleans handed them the week before. Kurt Warner looked great in the chilly weather, Beanie Wells finally didn't become a black hole on my Fantasy Football starting lineup and the Cardinals played well in prime time. With the Niners fading and relying on Alex Smith to resurrect his career and their season, the Cards could begin to put it together for another playoff run. Is New York as good as we thought they were or are they slipping a little? I love the NFL.

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  1. The Giants are not all that they want to be. They have lost their physicality and edge on everyone else.