Friday, July 10, 2009

BCS Playoffs? Could The System Be Improved?

Everybody from Politicians to any fan by a water cooler have debated over this fact. Does the BCS work? Does it award the National Championship to the best team in Major College Football? Lets look at it this way:

Pros: The BCS does make every game a playoff game. Rarely do we see teams with 2 losses play for the national title, and only 1 loss teams with the best record with a quality loss will make it. Lets face it (Utah, Auburn) teams who go undefeated usually do not deserve to play for a national title. Definitely a big bowl game (Sugar, Rose, Orange) but who wants to see USC throttle Boise State. Utah beat an unmotivated Alabama team with little offense, but I would like to see anybody tell me that Alabama was better than Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech.

Cons: Sometimes good teams are left out, like USC every year (beat all your Pac-10 opponents Trojans), Texas last year or Auburn in 2004. They did create a new National Title game (awesome) but also hurt the importance of some other Bowl games. With the title game taking place after the other bowls for a prime time Monday night kickoff, most teams have almost a month off (or more, another disadvantage for the beleaguered Big Ten) and we might not be seeing the high level of football we could be. Sure, people can come back from injury but it seems like too long of a layoff.

Pro Playoffs: You can use the Bowls to set up as playoff games, (Rose and Orange Bowl serve as semifinals, National Title after that) and not take any money from the bowl committees. Money may be the biggest reason this process has been tied up. Another argument that makes me upset is saying that the students can not handle the time devoted to football. Student-Athletes in lower division football can seem to handle studying and finals during their run, and many times those schools are harder academically.

Con Playoffs: It hurts the anticipation and buildup to the big game. It could make the Bowls more watchable but take away from the tradition with teams being lined up by playoffs. You would only need 4 teams to go for the Championship, so the other Bowls quality may suffer.

A Playoffs system would work in my opinion. Lets take last year for example. In the Semifinal, have Florida play USC and Texas rematch Oklahoma. Then, the Texas or Oklahoma debate would have been settled, and USC could have redeemed themselves for a mid season loss to Oregon State. Florida lost to Ole Miss, but after all the other wins they got in the brutal SEC they deserve to be the number one seed. Would that not have been awesome to watch?

A Playoff would do nothing but reduce controversy and improve the entertainment value of NCAA football. Maybe controversy can be a good thing driving up money and viewership, but the National Champion will be truly the best team at the end of the season.

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