Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lions Should Sign Toomer, Stear Clear of Harrison

Amani Toomer has been a solid, steady wide receiver for the New York Football Giants for 14 years. Before that, he was a Wolverine, and now I'd like him to be a Lion, at the right price of course. At a low cost contract at 1 or 2 years, Amani Toomer could be helpful to the Lions. The Lions have lacked a veteran possession receiver since Herman Moore was in the twilight of his career (which he left Detroit for a failed comeback with the G-men) and it could be valuable to someone like Calvin Johnson or Derrick Williams. How often can you find a veteran wide out with a great work ethic, team first mentally and is pretty durable. He could come in and give around 500-600 yards and a few touchdowns. He would be valuable on third down and take defenders away from Johnson and Pettigrew, who will be blanketed by defenders. We already pried away Larry Foote because he was a Michigan man, why not Toomer? Northcutt was traded for to provide depth, but he is not the same caliber wide out. Toomer could also play in the slot if needed, and is more versatile. He is the type of stop gap player teams need to transition to basement dwellers to playoff teams.
Marvin Harrison is a different story. Although possessing a team first mentality, he is more of a loner and would not be as great of a teacher to all the young wideouts on the team. He has been struck harder by injuries lately and is not the same player he was a few years back. Him asking for a release and his legal trouble make him less attractive. It is a good bet he would want way more money than Toomer, as he passed up $13 million with a contender in the Colts. I do not think it would work out with either party, and I hope Mayhew lets Harrison explore other options than Detroit, if he even comes back to the NFL.

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