Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pistons Sign a Pair, Possible Coaching Candidates

The Detroit Pistons signed a pair of free agents. Ben Gordon signed a 5 year $55 million deal to play in Motown, and Charlie Villanueva joined Gordon for a 5 year $40 million deal the same day. Although overpriced, these are two of the better free agents in this year’s class. Gordon is an elite six man but has not shown the ability to be more in the Association. Rasheed Wallace is being courted to play for the Celtics, although he has previously said he would retire at the end of his current contract.
The Head Coaching search continues for the Pistons, but the list is getting smaller. Bill Laimbeer and Doug Collins have been removed from the job search, but Avery Johnson is still being looked at. I am not a fan of Johnson being head coach. He was looked over for all the coaching jobs last year, and may have just fallen into a great situation with a great team with the Mavericks. Anyways, Mark Cuban is paying him $4 million a year for the next two years, in addition to his cushy ESPN job. He did have a few meltdowns in the playoffs, an 8 seed over a 1 when Golden State beat Dallas and the NBA Finals loss against the Heat when their boot was on their throat. I can see Johnson getting the job, or an assistant from some other team. I find it unlikely a college coach to be picked.

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