Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking Down The NCAA Post 1 of 12

For my analysis of college football, I will give it in 12 posts. First I will lead off with the D-1 Independents and look at all the conferences in major college football leading up the season which is quickly approaching.

D-1 Independents Order of Finish (most wins):

1. Notre Dame
2. Navy
3. Army

1. Notre Dame is in ultimate put up and shut up mode with Charlie Weiss well past his 3 strikes your out Notre Dame usually allows. They have had the big recruiting classes, big QB's and flashy offense Weiss promised but only amounted to a 7-6 record in 2008 with a win in the Hawaii Bowl. This year they have a stellar offense led by Junior QB Jimmy Clausen and WR Golden Tate. If the defense makes strides like it has the last few years, then this could be a BCS team.

2. Navy does what Navy does, and they do it well. They will run options at you all day till you fall asleep, but when you wake up you have given up 350 yards rushing and 35 points. I always like a team with a strong identity and they may have it more than anybody in college football. Navy will make another Bowl Game this year, and will win the Commander-In-Chief trophy.

3. I always will have a special place in my heart for service academies. They can not promise redshirts to help playing time and adjusting to college football. They can not promise the NFL or big contracts and students must live a rigorous lifestyle and then serve in the military. Army continues its development to the option offense, which caught on last year. They are still getting where they need to, but I can see improvement for the Black Knights.

Corbitt Gutsy Guarantee: Army will make a bowl game. With a weaker schedule and another year in they option system, Army will go bowling and hopefully resurrect this team.

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