Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does Vick (Vapo)Rub A Team The Right Way?

Brett Favre left another door open for the newly reinstated Michael Vick to join a team. It looks as if the Vikings could be the front runner offering Vick three things that appeal to any free agent QB. One, he will have a good chance to play this season. All he has to do is beat out Rosenfels and Jackson and convince Roger Goodell that he is a changed man and deserves to play week 1. Two, they offer him a good system he is familiar with. The West Coast system that the Vikings run is similar to the Falcons he had played in. Three, he will get decent money to play in a good organization. He will have a chance to win over disgruntled Vikings fans that had their hearts set on Brett Favre. It seems like a few other teams are interested, including San Francisco, Jacksonville and St Louis. Never count out the Raiders for signing questionable characters with great talent.

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