Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bio About Myself

So, Weston gave me the OK to start writing some stuff here, so I thought I would write a paragraph about myself before writing anything else. I grew up in Belmont, Michigan, which is really close to Rockford, which is really close to Grand Rapids. My favorite sport growing up was baseball, and my favorite team was the Detroit Tigers. While my love for baseball and the Tigers is still there, I would have to say that my favorite sport now is college football, which I follow 365 days a year. My team is the Michigan Wolverines, although I am not one of those arrogant Michigan fans that thinks the world revolves around Ann Arbor. I still follow every team and every conference, so I am pretty well-rounded. In addition, I am just a sports fan in general. I love watching any and all sports. I enjoy watching all of the four major sports, as well as most of the minor ones. I've also been know to watch some pretty weird stuff on ESPN2 including scrabble, cup stacking, jump rope, and dominoes. I'm in my fourth of five years in college right now. I started at Michigan for two years and transferred to Western to start my third. I'm looking forward to contributing to this blog, and I hope you all enjoy what I have to say.

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