Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You're Welcome! Brett Favre Retirement Edition

ESPN released last night that Favre might not have sent texts to everyone about retiring, and that he cares more about his surgically repaired ankle healing.  So this time, the retiring/unretiring may not be his fault.  Just think some summer we won't have to hear about this ever again. 

But regardless of the situation, I'll look at the three people I think benefits the most from this soap opera we see every summer.

On a side note, I am very happy to see Suh in training camp.  He signed his deal (slightly less than Stafford's) and only missed 6 practices.  Its not the end of the world, but I am glad he is signed.  I was never mad at him for trying to get the biggest deal, but it was probably only over a few million (after 40 its just gravy) and how he said there would not be a holdout.  But, he is already showing to be very charitable, and I hope any bad feeling, from the fans or front office, are gone.  Hopefully there is a rookie wage scale with the next CBA and we don't have to see holdouts.  If the NBA beats you to the punch, you're really far behind. 

1. Teams he played for other than the Packers:  A little obvious, but the Jets got a mediocre season out of him, a ton of media attention and jersey sales, then he led the team to a 1-4 record down the stretch and played with a biceps injury.  The collapse led to Mangini getting fired, Ryan being hired and the genesis of the Super Jets we are going to watch play this season.  I bet Jets fans would take that over more Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens.

The Vikings benched subpar/Childress' former favorite QB Jackson for Favre and Brett responded with the best season of his career and a trip to the NFC Title game, where he threw a poor pass over the middle and the rest is history.  Still, its the farthest the Vikings have come to the Super Bowl this decade.  Outside of old QBs they have signed late in their careers (including trying to woo Aikman and Marino) the Vikings haven't had a good QB since Culpepper tapped the B button to Randy Moss in the early 2000s.  And that was short lived as well.

2. Wendy Nix: She was lost in the shuffle of ESPN NFL reporters and was sent to cover the possibility of Favre leaving back in round 1.  But then the story blew up and Nix was on millions of TVs everyday over the summer.  Now she is the go to reporter for the NFL and has launched a more successful career from this.  Much like Chris Broussard this summer, she has an athlete to thank for all this exposure.

3. LeBron James: Speaking of this summer, doesn't LeBron James look a lot better now?  Sure Favre isn't leaving his semi-hometown, but the multiple summers of incredibly crazy coverage makes LeBron look a little better.  Sure Favre hasn't made an hour long TV special (yet) but he could be more of a drama queen than LeBron could ever dream.

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