Friday, August 20, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. Denard Robinson:  Shoelace has really shown, through hard work and attitude, that he is the starter at U of M and should have been all along.  Tate Forcier has lost the team with his laziness and arrogance, while Denard has won the job (for now) with his good attitude.  While Forcier has lost his wings, Robinson has shown the offense should be run by a fast running quarterback.  Forcier came in with a lot of hype, with t-shirts with cute little sayings and number 5 jerseys all over Ann Arbor.  But Robinson could really take over a solid offense this season. 

2. Brett Favre: Not only did Grandpa Favre skip most of camp this season, he got more money from the Vikings for this season (reportedly an extra 4-8 million dollars more) and made Brad Childress the bad guy by saying he doesn't trust the guy as a coach.  Join the club Brett.  Favre also said this would be his last season, but I'll bet you this saga is not over one bit.  He still captivates the nation with every game and he is setting himself up as the most important Viking ever.  It is Super Bowl or bust, and Favre is taking no prisoners.

3. BYU:  BYU has done themselves a favor by getting out of the MWC and putting themselves in position to join another conference when the next expansion fever sets in.  The MWC is probably the best outside the Big 6 (and probably better than the Big East) and added up and coming Nevada and a very good program in Fresno State to join another new member in Boise State, TCU, Air Force, Wyoming and the bunch.  If I were the MWC, I would still add enough teams to get to a championship game like everyone else.  But BYU has made it easier for a Pac-12 or Big 12 to add them in a few years, and BYU could schedule well enough to earn an at large bid in a weak year.  Expect a few more moves in the next few years before another round of expansion around 2014.

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