Friday, August 13, 2010

You're Welcome!

Football season is basically here, with preseason in full swing.  And nobody knows what Brett Favre or Darrell Revis will do this season, or ever.

1. Brazil:  The Brazilians are doing what the Americans should be doing right now, moving on with a new coach and playing young players to build towards the World Cup in 2014.  The way I see it, you are either building and preparing for the next World Cup or playing in the World Cup.  Their 18 year old sensation Neymar (who could sign a contract with everybody from Chelsea to Real Madrid) was spectacular.  Wouldn't it be refreshing if an 18 year old American scored goals for us?  Oh and by the way, Brazil's Rookie team beat us in our backyard.

2. Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders:  Al Davis is looking better right now.  JaMarcus Russell has admitted to using codeine (prescribed and otherwise) and looks like a wreck right now.  He turned down an offer from the UFL Omaha Nighthawks (who signed Ahman Green and instead signed Jeff Garcia) and is now looking at playing guard as a possibility.  Combine that with a nice draft, adding Jason Campbell, beating the Cowboys last night and sticking with a coach instead of Notre Dame-ing it (yeah its a verb).  I would trust Al Davis a little more, and the Raiders have a shot at the playoffs.  No joke.

3. College Football Mega-Games:  While the new conferences still have new team smell, teams are starting to schedule very good non conference games.  Notre Dame has signed contracts with Texas and Miami (not of Ohio!!) and are renewing a rivalry with Army (go Black Knights!).  MSU is going to play West Virginia and Alabama.  Penn St vs Alabama, Boise State vs Virginia Tech, Nebraska vs Washington. its like bowl season in September.  I'll like college football even more with elite match ups.  The Big Ten vs MAC and FCS lineup is pretty brutal. 

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