Thursday, August 26, 2010

You're Welcome

I have been without Internet for a while in my apartment.  Now, I have returned from the stone age and will post more regularly.  Now, here is You're Welcome!

1. Bud Selig and the Mitchell Report:  Basically re-title this "anybody who doesn't like Roger Clemens."  Criticize Bud Selig all you want, and I do, but he was gutsy to do the Mitchell report, knowing all the bad it would do would never outweigh the good.  Now the best hitter and pitcher in our era have been forever scarred with the steroids allegations.  And yes, they both did it.  Hopefully we will never see an era like this again, where cheating and dragging records through mud were everyday occurrences. 

2. Lou Piniella:  Had to do this one for sure.  The emotional press conference was touching, and its not Lou's fault the Cubs are so awful this year.  The window closed for these guys a year or two ago.  Sweet Lou was the most successful manager for the Cubs since Frank Chance (yeah 1908) and he will be missed.  Not now, but maybe in a year or two.  And Lou did the right thing, seeing his sick mother instead of managing baseball games.

3. Hard Knocks:  What a great season of Hard Knocks!  I think the New York Jets are overrated, but this is some good TV.  Sure, there are more 4 letter words than guys with 1 year deals on the Jets, but Rex Ryan is too likable.  Even over Captain Likable Tony Dungy (who grew up in Jackson, Michigan when my dad did back in the day) who called out Ryan.  Good for the Jets for being themselves.  I just can't wait until December when they are a .500 team. 

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