Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breaking Down MSU vs UConn Part 3

  • Now to break down the Centers for the upcoming Final Four match up. Goran Suton is a man with his basketball stock rising lately. He was his bracket MOP and played outstanding in every game. Unlike some stars, he was a consistent Spartan putting up big points and clutch rebounds every game (11, 7, 20, 19 points in the tourney games so far), and for the season he is shooting 41.9% from behind the three point stripe. Its fairly obvious how much I think three point shooting is vital to the Spartans success but this match up its monumental. To break down Hasheem Thabeet's game. He will score. A lot. He will have a decent amount of rebounds (hopefully not on the offensive end to eliminate the second chance points for a potent Husky offense) and maybe some blocks. MSU'S game plan has to be to contain him and limit his defense presence and rebound with the ferociousness that I saw against Louisville. Suton will need a lot of help from the forwards to play defense and rebounding, but he could be the focal point on offense. His three point shooting disrupts Thabeet's stand under the rim and hope someone comes up so I can block a shot or two. He can pose match up headaches for Calhoun all night and his ability to make the jumper could make Thabeet look like a JUCO defender on the perimeter. Suton plays bigger and more physical than his 6'10'' 245 pound frame, and we all know what happens when Thabeet plays a undersized tough big man, he arm almost gets torn off. Despite that the advantage goes to UConn. Thabeet is one of the best big men in the country, and the Spartans have to game plan for him. Suton could make it an extremely interesting match up if he can shoot well all game and play his butt off in the paint.
  • U.S.A. soccer dominated Trinidad & Tobago 3-0 on Jozy Altidore's hat trick. He is a 19 year old put in the starting lineup due to his awesome work ethic and to shake things up. We might have found a winner who hustled and played defense well all night. Obviously the 3 goals is a monster night and lets hope the youngster continues to flourish. Tim "Homeland Security" Howard earned the shutout. Altidore's first goal was a beautiful setup with a header by Brian Ching and a perfect dish from Landon Donovan right to where Altidore needed it. The United States now are 2-0-1 in World Cup qualifying and play Costa Rica on June 3rd in their next match.
  • Jay Cutler needs to be a Lion. No questions asked. By (almost) any means necessary. We don't need to mortgage the entire draft for him, and I really don't want to part ways with both our first rounders. I would be fine with giving up the first overall pick, or maybe getting Cutler and something worked in with the Cleveland Browns, who have two underwhelming Quarterbacks on their roster. I can't see how Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson is more appealing than the first overall pick (and your choice of Stafford or Sanchez, Denver..). I can see Cleveland dealing their first rounder, the fifth overall selection, but both Stafford or Sanchez could be snatched up by Detroit, Seattle or St. Louis. They could throw in the eternally upset and overweight NT Shaun Rogers to jump start their transition to the 3-4, but who says they can't find a cheaper, happier version of Shaun Rogers in the later rounds of the draft, or late in the first where DT talent is rich. Braylon Edwards can't be offered because 1. He can't catch footballs and 2. Cleveland would have no options left on offense after dealing him and Winslow in the same off season. I hear the Jets are interested but what do they have to offer? The Lions have to be the front runners and jump at this chance. How are often are Pro-Bowl Quarterbacks traded when they are 26? Uh....NEVER! C'mon Mayhew, excite your struggling fan base and improve the team drastically in one move.
  • The Pistons lost at New Jersey, a team out of contention with nothing to play for and a loser of 22 games at home. The Pistons have to try and move up in the playoff standings and are playing like a team who doesn't want to win. Plus AI is complaining about playing time.......ugh.........

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