Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lions Lock in on Stafford, Baseball Season Underway

  • The Lions have appeared to brushed away other choices for the Number 1 overall pick in favor of Georgia QB Matt Stafford. I have accepted the fact that we are going QB number 1 after we lost the Cutler sweepstakes and now hope the pick that defines Schwartz pans out unlike other QBs we have taken high in the draft. Personally I would prefer Sanchez's mobility, cannon arm and accuracy. Maybe the rest of the draft we can fill in the rest of our holes.
  • Maybe Culpepper can be decent this year. He is under his old Offensive Coordinator in Scott Linehan and has lost a lot of weight (currently around 30 pounds off his frame) and has a full season of training camps and working with the offense under his belt. I'm not saying he will return to MVP form, but could be a good stopgap till Stafford can step in.
  • The Cubs won their first series against Houston, with pitching and hitting stepping up when needed. Our starters played well with the bullpen being underwhelming. I kinda like the move Sweet Lou did with Kevin Gregg closing down games for now. I don't like Marmol starting the season closing anyway, he has electric stuff but it takes a special person to be a closer.
  • The Tigers looked flat and didn't deliver in Toronto. Inge is stepping up despite being treated poorly by Tigers staff these last few years. I am a fan of a guy who hits in the low .200s and slugs 25 homers. Verlander looks awful and after that, it isn't too much hope in the Motor City. Unless Verlander gets back to his old form or Willis stops his "anxiety disorder" problems (I'd have anxiety if I was an overweight bust who couldn't hit the strike zone) this could be a long season for Detroit.


  1. Time will tell on Inge. Read his comments after that loss that Lyon blew. He said something like he sorta felt sorry for the pitcher.

    You're his teammate. You had an error that lead to baserunners that scored.

    I don't care if you're hitting for power now, unless you end up with 40 HRs and 110+ RBI, you're lucky Cabrera is a fatass and you're useful at the hot corner.

    Shut up, do your job, and be a team player, don't break up the locker room like last year.

  2. Like I said in our conversation, Zumaya coming back is going to help out Rodney and Seay in the bullpen, add some flexibility. If Robertson can prove effective when coming back we should have a good line up.

    Verlanders stats look back, but if you watched the game, they were only hitting his fastballs that hung out over the plate, and a shitload of his balls thrown were just missing the box, they could have been called either way.

    Cabrera has been stepping up more than Inge, after hitting .700 the first 3 games. Inge has 3 HR's, but other than that he's hitting 4 - 11 the first 3 games.

    Guillen hit into 3 DP's with runners on base and no outs, so if he could have stepped up, they would have had more runs scored, he's hitting .167 after 3 games.

    They have strong potential. They need to get everyone back 100% in the pitching game, and just shuffle this lineup around a bit, and we should have an above .500 season.