Friday, April 3, 2009

Breaking Down MSU vs UConn Part 5

  • For the last part of the series I will look at the coaches going head to head Saturday night at Ford Field. This match up involves two hall of famers, and both have Final Four experience. Izzo has been to five Final Fours in the last eleven years, turning Michigan State into the most consistent Big 10 powerhouse. Calhoun is an amazing coach who wins with the amazing talent he brings in to UConn. I won't mention the recruiting scandal since it is so new and we don't know all involved and all the details. To get far in the Big East was difficult and he should get a lot of credit. But as we look at coaches we must look at philosophy. MSU teams under Izzo have an identity. They rebound well, shoot free throws well, are physical and play defense. You can't really say that about Calhoun. His teams are talents, but we all know what happens when high-flying Big East teams play a team who has a dedication to defense (watch highlights of MSU's beat down of Louisville last week). Defense takes effort and coaching and for MSU to be consistently dedicated shows that players buy into a great coach's system to be excellent. This match up goes to Izzo and the Spartans, who will get the respect he deserves in front of a home crowd.

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  1. I don't really agree with part 5. Calhoun is undefeated when reaching the final 4, and only reason his team isnt as consistent as MSU's is because his players always opt out to join the lottery instead of staying to finish school.