Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hopefully My Last Post About How Awesome Aaron Curry Is

Final argument why the Lions need to take Aaron Curry with the first overall pick in this Saturday's NFL Draft.

  • He is a class act. A lot is being made about the character issues in the NFL nowadays from T.O. to Chad Ocho Cinco to Vernon Davis. Percy Harvin and Brandon Tate tested positive for marijuana at the combine and will see a higher draft slot and all that money slip away. Aaron Curry said he would take less money than last year's first overall pick Jake Long. He is bringing a leukemia patient to the draft weekend. He is going to use his new contract to buy his mother, who worked so hard in a crime infested area to get him the best chance at success, a new house. I know the NFL isn't a nice guy league, but it means something.
  • He would have an instant impact on the team. The Lions would have him, Julian Peterson and Ernie Sims at linebacker. We would have solid depth at linebacker and could groom Curry to play Middle Linebacker if we saw fit. With the Lions defense being so awful last year, we could have an immediate upgrade while Culpepper starts next year, and either we use our high draft pick for a QB next year (in a rich talent pool of QBs) or see if maybe Drew Stanton could be a starter in this league.
  • We don't need Stafford. We need defense. Martin Mayhew said he would only make a pick if he and Jim Schwartz were in agreement. Hopefully our new draft staff of Mayhew, Schwartz and James "Schack" Harris (formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars) can make the right pick.

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  1. Curry is a big need. He would make the Lions LB-crew solid and give the defense a chance.

    Use the #22 pick on anything, D-Line or O-Line, or if there's a special safety/DB, go nuts. Same should apply for #33, unless there's another RB that they've had their eye on. But no WRs, no QBs, not in the first two rounds anyway.

    I don't think the Lions should draft Hoyer, but he could end up being a decent pro-QB. Stanton needs to prove himself (and his health) this year.