Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thoughts From My Desk April 19th Edition

  • One of my favorite Lions blogs Pride Of Detroit made a great find with an article summing up how I feel about Mel Kiper Jr. and how "great" he is.
  • The Cubs won in come from behind fashion against the Cardinals 7-5 in extra innings. Its great to see Aramis Ramirez get off to a great start and hit a clutch homer. Once again the Cubs are on Sunday Night baseball tonight against the Red Birds, and were Fox's game of the week on Saturday.
  • The Tigers are really putting it together I think. Edwin Jackson pitched a gem and Rodney nailed down another save. The hitting will be there but if the bullpen can solidify and the starters can play to their potential, the Tigers could be contenders in the AL Central.


  1. Tigers are 6-5, and look at who they lost to. Blue Jays(3), White Sox (1) and Mariners(1). Mariners and Jays are leaders of their divisions with the best records in baseball.

    If they Tigers had easy early games like the Royals, or the White Sox, they would easily be 8-3 if not better.

    Tigers offense has put up at least 8 hits every game this season. If we could get Guillen healthy again, get his batting average up around .300 where it usually is, this will be a dangerous team.

    Tigers hitters against Silva today, should be a huge blow out, with our top 3 pitchers going to be ready for the Angels series, we could win 5 in a row (after winning last night) and enter our series in Kansas City with a nice record of 10-5.

    Tigers have a 2-4 road record, but look who it was against, Mariners and Blue Jays.

  2. I am not sold how good the Mariners and Blue Jays are just yet. Its early in the season and they could fade fast. I don't think the Mariners have the talent level of LA Angels of Anaheim or the hitting of the Rangers to keep up with this pace. The Blue Jays have to hold off the Red Sox and Yankees (who will turn it around) the Rays and the much improved Orioles. I hope the Tigers can keep it up, but am doubtful the rotation can keep it going.

  3. I'll be ballsy. The Jays will end with a better record than the Cubs.

    April 19, 2009.