Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stuff You Should Know April 18th Edition

  • Daunte Culpepper looks to be in great shape in Lion's Mini Camp. He weighs less than what he did when he was rookie out of Central Florida in camp for the Vikings. I might be drinking a little Kool-Aid, but with him in the best shape of his life, a good wide receiver crew and being reunited with the Offensive Coordinator that helped him be an Elite quarterback in this league, he might have a good season. Although it looks like the Lions are going after a QB with the first pick, Culpepper could be a solid with less weight on his repaired knee and a whole off season with a team. It couldn't hurt to have a solid veteran on the depth chart.
  • Offensive Tackle Jason Peters was traded for a first round pick, a fourth round pick and a sixth round pick next year to the Eagles. The Bills put him on the market not too long ago and the Lions were a team in the running. I wish we pulled the trigger on this deal because we have an extra first rounder and plenty of other picks. We need a Left Tackle anyway and could get a young proven winner to anchor the line. Maybe this means the Lions want to draft QB and defense in the first round.
  • Greg Paulus rumors have ceased in Ann Arbor. It seems he is no longer being courted by the Corn and Blue. I think it would have been helpful for both parties if he joined the team as a backup. He could have gotten a year of practice and probably a few snaps under his belt and ANOTHER free year of college (that only matters to me because of the fact I am in college) and Michigan could have gotten some depth. Paulus was getting looks from the Packers for a career in the NFL, and a year with a D-1 program would have helped his stock. Front runner for the QB job Tate Forcier wasn't happy about this and shouldn't have been. I know RichRod tells less than the truth a lot, like not leaving hometown WVU, not (allegedly) cheating on his wife and to obviously Tate. I knew they would start a freshman at QB to fit Rodriguez's system and anything otherwise would be detrimental to their development as a team. You think this will hurt recruiting for the Wolverines?

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  1. If I'm Paulus, I go for the Packers. We don't know how good he'll be in college, and if he picks up the #3 QB spot, that's some money already in the bank.

    College only makes sense if he has serious skills that can get him more money, or if he's smarter than I take him for and he wants to further his academic career and set up for after sports.