Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breaking Down MSU vs UConn Part 4

  • Now I will look at the benches for both teams. MSU's bench has been pivotal to their success. Whether it is when Suton was out early in the year or the late season stretch where Morgan was sick, they have put the team where they are currently. Delvon Roe has been an absolute beast at times, showing glimpses of the future. At other times, he has been average and has played like the freshman he is. Draymond Green has shown the dedication that wins teammates over with his weight loss and hustle. He has some offensive presence and plays well on defense but only in spurts off the bench. Chris Allen is the ultimate X-factor. His three point shooting could propel the Spartans to new heights and give opposing teams fits. Korie Lucious is valuable off the bench as well. Marquise Gray is veteran depth the Spartans need with all these youngsters riding the pine. Idong Ibok is a shutdown defensive presence and can shut down big men with the best of them. I see him getting big minutes relieving Suton against Thabeet. Stanley Robinson, Craig Austrie and Gavin Edwards all play solid minutes for the Huskies. They pick up decent rebounds and points but don't have the same impact MSU's bench does. They have stepped up for injuries as well. The Big East is a tough conference but not as physical as the Big Ten. In this match up I go far and away for MSU. The bench might be the strongest category the Spartans have against the Huskies, as well the one most pivotal to the Green and White's success. Ibok and Allen could win the game for the Spartans and if Suton gets in foul trouble or Raymar Morgan is ineffective we could see the bench steal the game.

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