Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AFC Draft In Review Part 1

Today I will take a look at the AFC East and West draft in review.  The AFC North and South will be on Thursday, and The rest of the NFC soon.

AFC East:

Buffalo Bills: Best Pick: CJ Spiller, RB Clemson.  Sleeper: Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas St. This was a solid draft, helping them transition to the 3-4 defense.  Spiller was a best available pick, and I am surprised they passed on Clausen.  Their QB situation is awful.  This is a multi-year rebuild.

Miami Dolphins: Best Pick: Koa Misi, OLB, Utah.  Sleeper: Nolan Carroll, CB, Maryland.  This draft was not flashy at all, but filled needs and provided depth.  The Marshall trade counts as the offensive side draft.  Passing on a RB could hurt.

New England Patriots: Best Pick: Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona. Sleeper: Taylor Price, WR, Ohio.  The Pats obviously value TEs and filled a few spots they needed.  Lots of depth here, they stockpiled talent again.  Taking mostly 2nd rounders will catch up to them.

New York Jets: Best Pick: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State. Sleeper: Joe McKnight, RB, USC.  Another draft with not a lot of picks, the Jets addressed a need at OG.  They took a project with Ducasse and cut their starter Faneca.  Wilson at CB is taking a player at an extreme team strength.  Solid draft, but confusing.

AFC West:

Kansas City Chiefs: Best Pick: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee.  Sleeper: Jon Asamoah, OG, Illinois.  A very solid draft.  Berry is going to be great, McCluster is a versatile weapon, Arenas will at least be a good KR/PR.  They have a lot of needs but this will lay a solid foundation to build upon.

Oakland Raiders: Best Pick: Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama.  Sleeper: Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson.  This was one of my favorite drafts this year.  McClain is solid and will contribute right away.  They improved their OL and DLs.  A few projects here and there will pay off with good coaching.  They didn't reach or make any stupid picks.  The Raiders will be a dark horse next year, and could be returning to respectability.

Denver Broncos: Best Pick: Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech Sleeper: Zane Beadles, OG, Utah. Another confusing draft with Tebow going very high.  I like the WRs and OL help, but where do all these guys fit?  This is part 2 of 3 in the McDaniels project.

San Diego Chargers: Best Pick: Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State. Sleeper: Donald Butler, LB, Washington.  A good draft up top, but later on tailed off.  Crompton could be solid in a few years.  Mathews filled a huge hole.  Soon, the Chargers will see this depth pay off more when some starters leave.

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