Thursday, May 13, 2010

NHL Is Cinderella Central

With the Habs beating the mighty Penguins last night, the NHL has really shown its balance in the last few  weeks.  The Canadiens, an 8 seed, beat the two best teams in the East, Washington and Pittsburgh.  Marc-Andre Fleury was awful and Crosby had 3 points.  I know, right when I stand up for the guy he chokes.  Is this the start of a STWWC Curse?  Lord, I hope so.

The other series, Philly and Boston is going to game 7 after the Bruins choked away a 3-0 series lead.  Philly got healthy, and now have a chance to force a 7 seed versus 8 seed Eastern Conference Finals (after losing starting goalie Brian "Bobby" Boucher in game 6).  Imagine in the NBA if the Eastern Finals was Chicago vs Charlotte?  ESPN would have a parade.  Sadly, we must all settle for Versus.

Can Montreal, Boston or Philadelphia win the Stanley Cup?  If they do, they must get past San Jose or Chicago, both hire seeds with "more" talent and with more expectations.  Sure, San Jose not choking is an upset in itself, but the Sharks added Dany Heatley and Chicago is one of the most talented teams in the NHL.  Canada has not won a Stanley Cup since 1993.  They haven't been to one since 2007 (thats an eternity for our neighbors to the north, with the Ottawa Senators (2006 saw the Edmonton Oilers, 2004 with Calgary, pre-lockout).  Montreal can if the ride Halak and get healthy.  Boston can if they play like they did in games 1-3, and the Flyers can if they just keep believing.

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