Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. DeMarcus Beasly:  In a surprise move, the old vet Beasly makes the final 23 for the US, after paying his dues in Scotland for the Rangers.  He joins a young team that could be the USA's best since 1994.  Beasly, who was so disappointing not too long ago, joins rising star Herculez Gomez as guys who were no way on the team a few months ago.  I really like this squad, they will make it out of group play.  Past that?  I can't say.

2. New York/New Jersey (and other cold NFL locations): The Giants and Jets got their Super Bowl, in 2014, the first in a cold location open stadium.  Minnesota has had 1 Super Bowl, Detroit has had 2 (one in Pontiac).  This opens the door for the rest of the cold area teams, who usually get snubbed this time of the year.  If this Super Bowl goes well, expect more cold area games, in Chicago, Green Bay, etc.  This is going to be fun.

3. Vladimir Guerrero:  After the worse season as an Angel, Vlad moved to Texas and is now rejuvenating his career.  He just had a 2 home run game against the Royals, to raise his total to 12 for the season.  He still hits anything thrown at him, cementing himself as the top bad ball hitter in MLB history.  If he continues this, the Rangers will make the playoffs and be one of the best stories in baseball this year.


  1. So do you have any thoughts on the Yzerman Tampa Bay combo yet?

  2. I would have liked to keep Yzerman, but he earned his shot at running a team and I think he will succeed in Tampa Bay. It may take time, but he could get Stamkos to be even better than he is now. I wish him the best unless he is playing the Wings.