Saturday, May 8, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Draft In Review

The Vikings had a below average draft with their biggest pick being Stanford Running Back Toby Gerhart.  Not getting a Quarterback could be their biggest downfall, as Favre and his ankle injury could have him seriously consider hanging up his cleats.  Many of the picks are projects and could be good in a few years.  Most everyone will be depth on this talented team.  Overall Grade: C+

Second Round, 34th Pick, CB Chris Cook, Virginia:  Obviously reaching to fill a need.  The Viking's corners are banged up and the need depth at this position.  Has good ball skills, but can he cover?  All the elite corners were off the board by the time this pick was made. Will have time to learn to play in the NFL.  Grade: C

Second Round, 51st Pick, RB Toby Gerhart, Stanford:  Is more of a downhill runner than Peterson, but does not bring the receiving or pass blocking Chester Taylor did.  He does combine to make the toughest running team in the NFL.  Doesn't have a lot of explosiveness, but is faster than you would think.  Not a bad pick here, solidifies their identity.  Grade: B

Fourth Round, 100th Pick, DE Everson Griffen, USC: Very good player, when he wants to be.  Inconsistent underachiever.  If he was more consistent he would get a 1st or 2nd round grade.  Has all the physical tools and talent to be very good.  He won't start, and maybe Jared Allen and Company can get him into shape and get his motor going.  Could be boom or bust.  Grade: C+

Fifth Round, 161st Pick, OG Chris DeGeare, Wake Forest:  Has weight problems, needs work.  Is a project, but could be a starter someday.  Good Run blocker.  Not bad in the Fifth round, but I liked more prospects here.  Grade: C

Fifth Round, 167th Pick, ILB Nathan Triplett, Minnesota:  Good Big Ten run stopping Linebacker.  Good senior season for a less than average Golden Gopher team.  Adds depth to uncertain LB situation.  Can not play on passing downs yet.  Grade: C

Sixth Round, 199th Pick, QB/WR Joe Webb, UAB: Played QB in college, but will switch to WR in the NFL.  Will need a long time to learn such a different position.  Could he play at the Wildcat?  No team has run that offense in the NFC North with any consistency.  Definitely a project.  Grade: C+

Seventh Round, 214th Pick, TE Mickey Schuler, Penn State: Big TE in the mold of Pre-Antonio Gates TE era.  Can be a receiving threat near the goal line.  Needs to block well to make this team.  Grade: C

Seventh Round, 237th Pick, ILB Ryan D'Imperio, Rutgers:  Tough hard working player.  Could make the special teams.  If he blows a guy up on coverage he has the makings of fan favorite.  Grade: C+

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