Sunday, May 2, 2010

Howard, Red Wings Need To Rebound In San Jose

Every playoff game is a must win, just ask the Capitals.  Tonight is a little different but still critical in the Wings making a deeper run in the postseason. 

The defense needs to move the puck better, bottom line.  Its hard to generate an attack when you can't move it past the blue line with any regularity.  The turnovers are even worse.  Ericsson has regressed considerably since the end of the season, and Stuart can only hit people now.  Rafalski can't handle passes and Lidstrom is looking more and more like hes forty years old.  Howard hasn't played great, but hasn't played awful either.  Hes doing pretty darn well considering the bad spots hes been put in. 

Franzen really needs to turn it on and have an amazing game.  He has been solid, but he should be able to take over games at times.  Datsyuk seems to be heating up, and Zetterberg has been playing like a beast.  Holmstrom needs to get in front of the goalie and dominate.  Babcock may still have a line change or two up his sleeve.

San Jose can blow a series at any time.  They play the Wing's system and break down often.  Look at the last game, where they almost blew a three goal lead.  The Wings need to play more like the Wings, and less like an undisciplined team.

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