Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. Montreal Canadiens:  Down 3-1, with 2 more games on the road and facing the best team in the regular season, the Canadiens went 1970's on the Capitals and won the series.  In the biggest upset of the NHL playoffs, Halak led the Canadiens to two huge wins over Ovie and the Caps.  Now Ovechkin has to answer all summer on how he lost to a team that had almost no shot at coming back and beating his star studded team.

2. Austin Jackson:  The main part to the Curtis Granderson deal, Jackson was named AL Rookie of the Month for April.  Hes shown hes a solid offensive and defensive player, and has speed for the basepaths, when (if) the Tigers need to play small ball.  To essentially replace a good older player with a good younger player is one of the better moves Dombrowski has made the last few years.  Sure, Jackson will slump like a rookie, but hes already showing good value.

3. San Diego Padres:  At 16-10, the Padres have already exceeded expectations.  The Adrian Gonzales Trade watch is now put on hold and San Diego is in 1st place in the NL West.  The Padres finished the season 37-25 last year, showing promise for a young team, mostly doing this without All-Star players.  Can it last?  The Dodgers are in ownership issues, the D-Backs are still finding their groove, the Rockies will turn it on in the second half, and the Giants have elite pitching but lock firepower.  Look for San Diego to hold on to the lead for a while, but fade late in the year.

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