Monday, May 10, 2010

Green Bay Packers Draft In Review

The Packers started off the draft great with Brian Bulaga.  Resisting some of the other top flight talent was pretty tough, but Ted Thompson has done it before to fill a need (BJ Raji over Michael Crabtree last year).  Later on they took some good picks with upside, largely ignoring injury problems.  Solid draft that should help a team on the rise fill more holes.  Draft Grade: B.

First Round, 23rd Overall, Brian Bulaga OT, Iowa:  Big tackle that comes from a system that produces a lot of lineman.  Smart and tough, and like everyone covering the draft said, he looks like a Packer.  Fills a big need, but will be asked to play LT with T.J. Lang handling RT.  There will be a learning curve.  Will have some time to learn with Tauscher coming back.   Good pick, but needs to get better at LT.  Grade: A-

Second Round, 56th Overall, Michael Neal DT, Purdue:  A big reach by the Packers, but maybe they see something because I don't really.  Injury prone, Neal played DT in college but will probably play DE in the Packer's 3-4.  Good pass rusher, and has some speed.  Not terrible, but not great.  Still some talent on the board that could have helped the OL or CB, what GB really needs.  Grade: C-

Third Round, 71st Overall, Morgan Burnett S, Georgia Tech:  Sold pick here. I really like it.  Getting good value in the third for this player.  Gives them depth at safety and could be a starter someday.  Needs some polishing but will be a good player.  Grade: B

Fifth Round, 154th Overall, Andrew Quarless TE, Penn State:  I love all the Big Ten picks in this draft.  Quarless is a good upside player that could be a solid backup behind Finley.  Athletic and physical, a real Nittany Lion, he could be a really good pick for them.  Will fight for playing time.  Grade: B

Fifth Round, 169th Overall, Marshall Newhouse OG, TCU:  Comes from a good offense and school, but lacks some skills that will keep him from starting in the NFL.  Good depth guy for the Pack.  They must really love Matt Flynn because some good QBs were here for them to take.  Grade: C

Sixth Round, 193rd Overall, James Starks RB, Buffalo
:  Big and fast.  I got to see this guy play in person and I was impressed.  Injury prone, otherwise he would have went earlier.  If he can stay healthy he will be a very solid addition to the Packers backfield behind Ryan Grant.Grade: C+

Seventh Round, 230th Overall, C.J. Wilson DE, East Carolina: Will fill gaps in the 3-4 defense.  May get in some playing time as a rotation guy.  Smaller school guy who needs some work in the NFL.  Solid depth guy.  Grade: C+

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