Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. Brennan Boesch:  This guy has been killer for the Tigers.  He has the snot of the ball, sporting a .387 average and giving the Tigers a legitimate left handed bat.  With the disappointment of Sizemore and the middle of the infield, having a rookie who came out of nowhere is something the Tigers needed to keep pace with the red hot Twinkies.  Will he continue this pace?  Of course not.  But to have extra offense on a pitching team is huge, and the Tigers are a starting pitching turnaround away from being the top team in the AL Central.

2. Rajon Rondo:  Is anybody else taking this guy seriously yet?  Hes putting up triple doubles and scoring big time (for himself) and hes still not getting love.  Hes playing on the same team as Los Tres Amigos (also a restaurant in East Lansing) but it will soon be his team.  Boston is playing better than anybody thought they would, and Rondo could be the catalyst to the team making the finals.

3. Lamar Odom:  The third most popular Laker is married to the third most popular Kardashian and is the luckiest man in the NBA dropping 19 points and 19 boards.  Amar'e Stoudamire says he got lucky on Monday because Stoudamire, the self proclaimed "best player in the NBA" was too busy guarding Gasol and Bynum.  That's funny, because he didn't play any defense against anybody.  With the zen master retiring and the Lakers smelling blood, the Suns just shot themselves in the foot with giving them more motivation.  Lakers in 5.

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