Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Ten Annexes SEC, Ends SEC Speed Tyrany

The Big Ten has ended all talk of SEC domination with the inclusion of the SEC into the new SuperConference, which also include Syracuse, Missouri, Rutgers, and Pitt.  The Huge 27, as it will be called, with have 9 divisions with 3 teams in each.  Each will be named after "something to do" with football.

Rumored names are Schembechler, Tressler, Hayes, Musberger, Meyer, Ro-Tel, and Griffin.  Other ideas will soon be made public.  Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State will be in one division.  They will play a triple round robin to determine who gets positioning in the "Velveeta Chase to Late-November."

Four time Heisman winner Tate Forcier had this to say, "I love the idea, maybe, just maybe I can lift this pathetic team (Michigan) to a win over Ohio State.  I get three chances."

Mark Dantonio, head coach of Michigan State and Neil Diamond impersonator, commented, "We are still Michigan State.  October 14th, November 3rd, November 21st."

Big Ten Commissioner, John "General" Sherman said,"I road into the South and burned down the conference until the only choice left we to rejoin the North, the true champions of football."

The Big Ten season will start in early July, to accommodate all the traveling and intraconference games.  The SuperConference now has ties to at least 4 BCS Bowl Games and 33 out of 35 Bowl games.  Notre Dame has the rest.

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  1. Just remember, the Big Ten only gets two BCS spots.