Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You're Welcome!

The draft is tomorrow, and there still could be a lot of trades that flip everything around.  Luckily, the draft keeps things interesting during the spring.  The Wings won big last night (playing well in one period) and Howard got his first career shutout. 

1. Philadelphia Flyers:  Shocking, positively shocking.  I can't believe the Flyers are taking it to the Devils like they are.  Up 3-1 and only needing one more win, the Flyers has this almost all locked up.  I thought with the Kovalchuck trade and Broduer playing like a Hall Of Famer this year the Devils would at least make the Eastern Conference finals.  The Flyers resemble their city playing tough defense and scoring more goals than anyone could imagine against Broduer.  I don't think Philly can go much farther than the second round, but this team is playing past its talent level right now.

2. Boston Celtics: Without KG, who is not the player he used to be, the Celtics smoked the Heat last night in an emotional game.  Garnett is the emotional leader, and his Technical near the end of the game got him a one game suspension.  The Celtics are on their last run.  The team's big players are getting older, and they won't be in Boston much longer.  With this their last run, maybe they can be the Magic of last year and upset the Cavs.

3. Phillie's Pitching Staff:  After trading Cliff Lee (the only reason the Phillies had a shot to beat the Yankees last year) for Roy Halladay I was a little suspect of that move.  Halladay has come through to be a killer ace in the NL.  He is mowing down pitches and has a really good shot for 20+ wins.  On top of that Cole Hamels has begun to play like Hamels version 2008.  He has more Ks than innings pitched and a 3.86 ERA.  Those don't sound breathtaking, but for how he was playing in the World Series (being skipped over for starts in the World Series with a 7.20 ERA) this is huge.  What an amazing 1-2 punch for the best team in the National League.

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