Monday, April 26, 2010

Adding Fuel To The Flames

After another pitiful Sunday afternoon performance, the Red Wings looked uninspired and flat.  Especially pathetic was the defense, which is normally a backbone.  Brad Stuart made another bonehead play with the terrible neutral zone turnover which led to a goal.  I saw Rafalski fumble more than one pass in the critical first period power playapalooza. 

Rubbing salt into our own wound was (my boy) Jimmy Howard.  His comment that Phoenix got lucky only adds more incentive to an already hungry team and city.  Phoenix wasn't lucky, they outplayed Detroit and outworked Detroit (Valenti voice) AGAIN!  MAKE PLAYS!

Detroit got two steals from Howard in game 4 and 5.  He played average and out of position the first three games, with Zetterberg and the offense winning a game in Phoenix.  Zetterberg has been solid, but outside of Filppula, nobody else has really impressed me.  Datsyuk has a moment here and there but it does not match his huge potential.  Franzen has been fairly silent.  Bertuzzi has be relegated to being a grinder.  Helm brings the energy and Albdelkader brings the pain.  Draper looks awful, this could be it for him.

I still think Detroit, the better team, will win on Tuesday night.  I don't care that it is on the road.  Detroit has too much experience.  But anything could happen and the Coyotes could outplay Detroit.  I have a strong hunch that the game will be a high scoring New-NHL thriller.  Lets just hope Jimmy can get lucky.

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