Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lion's First Round In Review

I am really happy.  For the second year in a row, I like our first rounders.  I mean, last year, it took forever for me to warm up to it.  But that was because of the new regime, and taking a QB. 

But, Lions fans, for real.  Stop complaining about the Best pick.  I have a feeling I will hear about this for a long time.  No Offensive Lineman was worth reaching up and getting.  Every Cornerback worth a 34th overall pick was gone.  Who we going to take?  Workout warrior Bruce "can he play left tackle" Campbell?  No guards or centers were worth a pick.  Brown from Texas would have been a reach.  Millen would have reached for Campbell.  Millen would have stayed put.  Mayhew got his man, at the price of swapping the 34th for the 30th pick and 100th pick for the 128th pick (and a 7th Rounder).  Great move, for a great player.  If it wasn't for an injury, he would have been picked well before 30.

Also available was Sergio Kindle, but the coaching staff seems to have a lot of faith in what we have now.  He could have been nice tomorrow, but he could have the Ray Malaluga effect where everybody passes on him for (later) obvious reasons.  The Lions won't ever win if they only take lineman whenever they can.  Remember Stockar McDougle?  Aaron Gibson?  Yeah, lets not go down that road.

Stay patient, the Lions are still in best player available mode.  Best adds a lot to the offense.  Smith is not the answer at Running Back.  He is more injury prone that Best.  He is slower (and now has a knee injury) and doesn't offer anything that a usual backup/change of pace guy doesn't.  Lions fans love him because of his toughness and grit, but he looks like Kevin Jones 2.0 to me.  I just hope he can compliment Best now.

Suh is obvious.  Great player, can get pressure inside and create a formidable Defensive line.  He makes the whole team better, plays hard, has high character etc.  He will make the job easier for a pathetic defense.

What to look for on Day 2?  The Lions may move up again, but if not, look for either a DE/CB/OLB/OL in the next two rounds.  They could pick a slot receiver or maybe a safety if they find one they like.

Please digest these picks Lions fans.  Don't automatically complain we don't take lineman every pick.  Look at the big picture.  We had an excellent 1st round.

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