Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. Al Davis:  The man resisted the urge to take a workout warrior until later in the draft, and actually made the team a lot better with trades and the upcoming Russel release.  Jason Campbell's big arm will fit better with the vertical passing game than the west coast of the Redskins.  A darkhorse for the playoffs?  Probably not.  Hope in the Black Hole?  Maybe.

2. Every old guy on the Red Wings:  Last night we all saw why experience matters in the Game 7 versus the Coyotes.  Lidstrom had two goals, Bertuzzi added one, and Holmstrom was a beast all night.  Even Draper made a play or two.  Their leadership and grit is why we are going to see Giant Octopus vs Mega Shark next round.

3. San Antonio Spurs:  Continuing my geriatric You're Welcome is the San Antonio Spurs.  They are steamrolling the Mavericks (although Dallas won the last game) with their combination of Tim Duncan's last stand Dallas' hatred of playing basketball in May.  San Antonio has the talent to sneak up on anyone and ruin their playoff lives.  Never count out the Spurs this year, as Denver losing will make thier path a little easier.

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